Ming-Yi Lee


National Chiao Tung University
Contact Information
Office: 503 Room, Microelectronic and Information Systems Research Center, National Chiao Tung University, 1001 Ta-Hsueh Road, Hsinchu City. Hsinchu 300, TAIWAN
Tel: + 886-3-5712121 ext 59324
Email: mylee(at)mail.ymlab.org

國立交通大學電子資訊大樓 503室

I received the B.S. degree in Electrophysics from the National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, in 1995 and the M.S. degree in Physics from the National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, in 1997. Currently I am pursuing my Ph.D. degree at Parallel and Scientific Computing Laboratory of the Department of Communication Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan. My research interests focus on modeling and simulation of semiconductor nanodevices and biosensors.




    Journal Paper
  1. N. K. Zous, Ming-Yi Lee, W. J. Tsai, Albert Kuo, L. T. Huang, T. C. Lu, C. J. Liu, Tahui Wang, W. P. Lu, Wenchi Ting, Joseph Ku, and C.-Y. Lu “Lateral Migration of Trapped Holes in a Nitride Storage Flash Memory Cell and its Qualification Methodology,” IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol.25, No. 9, pp.649-651, 2004
  2. Ming-Yi Lee, Ming-Che Chang and Tzay-Ming Hong, “Change of Hall Conductance Induced by Band Crossing,” Phyiscal Review B, Vol. 57, No. 9, pp.11895-11898, 1998
    Book Articles and Chapters

    Selected Conference Paper

  1. Y.-H. Hsiao, Hang-Ting Lue, Ming-Yi Lee, S.-C. Huang, T.-Y. Chou, S.-Y. Wang, K.-Y. Hsieh, Rich Liu, and C.-Y. Lu, "A Study of SONOS Charge Loss Mechanism after Hot-Hole Stressing Using Trap-Layer Engineering and Electrical Re-Fill Methods," IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS 2008), Phoenix, Arizona, Apr.28 - May 1, 2008.
  2. Ming-Yi Lee, N. K. Zous, Trista Huang, W. J. Tsai, Albert Kuo, Tahui Wang, Shaw Yin, and C. Y. Lu, "A Temperature Accelerated Model for High State Retention Loss of Nitride Storage Flash Memory," IEEE International Integrated Reliability Workshop (IIRW 2004), Standford Sierra Center, S. Lake Tahoe, California, Oct 18-21, 2004.

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